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Romantic relationships, partnerships, and families can bring us happiness and peace, help us become better versions of ourselves, and get us through hard times. Many of us find it hard to keep relationships because we are afraid of disappointing the people we love, are worried about being rejected in the future, don't know how to connect physically or emotionally, or can't say what we need. So, we end up going from one bad relationship to another, and we wonder if we'll ever be able to break the cycle and find a healthy one. At For Better Health, family hypnotherapy answers all family problems because it works on the subconscious mind and helps families find a solution. Family hypnotherapy is something that For Better Health offers to help all family members. We are here to help you, whether you need help with a relationship, your kids, or being a parent.

Family Hypnotherapy for Relationships

With family hypnotherapy, we use all minds to find the deeper cause of the problem in the relationship and bring it to the person's attention. At For Better Health, we start by talking to each person one-on-one to earn their trust and discover the truth. Then we switch so that each person can talk to the hypnotherapist independently. While this happens, the other person is filling out an inventory of their relationship.

At For Better Health, we meet with couples to discuss the benefits of family hypnotherapy and the treatment plan. These one-on-one sessions give the client and hypnotherapist a chance to get to know each other and, more importantly, get to the heart of the relationship problems. It lets the client and the therapist know all the facts and get a big-picture view instead of just two narrow personal views.

In family hypnotherapy, we pay attention to the body's response, then our hypnotherapist uses this new information to do an analysis to determine what memory was triggered to make the body react so strongly. For example, when hypnotherapy is used on a woman, to find out why she is afraid, she may go back to when she was six years old, and her father was drinking and didn't come home for dinner or the whole night. She can feel her mother's pain, but she can't do anything to help her. On the other hand, the husband's reaction when his wife isn't home may take him back to his childhood, when his mother may have been having affairs, drinking, or otherwise not being there for him and his siblings. So, here we have an adult, the woman who came to our office for marriage counseling, returning to when she was six, and her alcoholic father left her.

This is why family hypnotherapy is genuinely a mind-body therapy since both emotional and physical reactions are used to figure out what this strong reaction that is out of proportion to the situation may be about. This is very important if the same things repeatedly happen in the family. Family hypnotherapy helps us see that we humans have a vast memory bank stored in the unconscious parts of our minds. It also lets us use a current situation in our lives to search our memories and find out how old the child part of us is that always reacts to triggering events.

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Family Hypnotherapy for Parenting

One of the most important things you will ever do is take care of your children. None of us are perfect at parenting. Parenting problems happen because we learn how to be good parents by doing it and by watching how our parents and other people treat their children. It's a skill you learn once you become a parent.

Family hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to get better at being a parent. Family hypnotherapy can help you feel calm and sure of yourself as a new parent. It can also help you stay calm and firm when your child is acting up.

With the help of family hypnotherapy, you will learn to separate your feelings and habits from how you discipline your child.

At For Better Health, our certified professionals will help you become a better parent by helping you stay calmer and more patient with your kids so that you can spend more quality time with them.

Using Hypnotherapy for children

When using Hypnotherapy on kids, it's usually unnecessary to explain "hypnosis" in detail. You could tell them that they will have a calm and quiet time where they can use their imaginations to figure out how to solve their problems. The child must want to change the bad behavior or issue on their own.

While helping a child with one problem, the therapist can often give the child other good things to think about. For example, they could be calmer, have more energy, feel more confident and happier, like themselves more, remember things better, or read faster. Children are easy to persuade, and these kinds of therapy work well with them. During each session of our Hypnotherapy for children program, a parent or guardian is always there.

Children use their imaginations well, which is why family hypnotherapy can be a good choice. At For Better Health, our hypnotherapist will help their child work through whatever bothers them. The treatment could involve stories, adventures, or even meeting a hero or a character from a favorite TV show which tells you what to do. All of these are easy for young children to understand. Even a child who is a bit older can sometimes be open to using their imagination. However, because their thinking is already more complex, we would structure their treatment to match.

When we use Hypnotherapy with kids, the parents need to be involved in the process. When a parent is worried about a child's behavior, it can make it harder for the child to change.

How Family Hypnotherapy can help?

Children benefit significantly from family hypnotherapy because they already listen to stories and metaphors without judging them. For Better Health has had the chance to work with many great kids from different backgrounds, helping them with fears, confidence, sports, and bedwetting. They like that the work focuses on finding solutions, not the problem. They can come up with solutions to their problems using their imagination, curiosity, and playfulness, which will help them in the long run.

If you think family hypnotherapy would help your child, we would need to see the parent first, without the child. This helps the parent understand how the process will work. Parents sometimes want us to change how their child acts. The child would say it's not a problem and refuse to agree. In these situations, therapy won't help because it only works when the child wants to change and is willing to learn how to do so.

In some cases, the child may be using a condition to get out of doing something. Resistance makes it harder for the therapy to work, so a more radical approach needs to be taken. For example, a child who doesn't want to get over their fear of needles might be better off going through a hospital system where they can use the medicine.

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