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Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Fear is an unpleasant and often strong feeling that comes from expecting or being aware of the danger. Fear differs from phobia because it is usually caused by something terrible experience. For example, if a dog once attacked a person, they might start to be afraid of all dogs.

People with phobias feel fear and anxiety, but the reason why they feel so afraid is often not known. Even something as harmless as the word "string" can make someone afraid. No one knows why this happens, but like any phobia, it can be tough to live with because the intense fear makes it hard to enjoy life and do everyday things.

Phobias of motorways, driving over bridges, spiders, being a passenger in a car, heights, exams, flying, water, going to the dentist, and many other things can be very limiting. Phobias start when the emotional, primitive part of the brain thinks we are in danger. But these Phobias may not be real, and if we have them, they can be annoying and take over our lives.

Often, phobias can be traced back to a traumatic event early on. This is because a part of the brain stores these kinds of memories. This part of the brain is doing an excellent job of keeping you safe from danger, so you should stay away from the situation.

Hypnotherapy for phobias can change how the subconscious mind sees things, so they are no longer seen as dangerous. This makes the phobias go away. At For Better Health, we take a step-by-step approach and use a mix of hypnosis and emotional freedom techniques. After the first consultation, most people only need three sessions. If you also have general anxiety or stress in your life, we suggest starting with a more general approach to help you lower your anxiety before treating the phobia.

hypnotherapy for phobias

Can Hypnotherapy for Phobias help?

Phobias are different from fears because when someone has a real phobia, they spend a lot of time or effort to avoid the thing they fear. People with these phobias worry that they will always encounter the thing or situation they are afraid of.

People with phobias usually spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid the thing they are afraid of. If they do run into it, they experience a lot of pain, like feeling sick, having trouble breathing, or even having a panic attack.

For Better Health offers hypnotherapy for phobias to help in a way that can be measured on a scale or a spectrum. For example, if a person is afraid of spiders and starts with an anxiety or fear level of eight to ten on a scale of one to ten, a hypnosis session would probably bring that level down to six or seven. Then, as more sessions went on, the fear or phobia would probably continue down on that spectrum.

Some people respond quickly to hypnosis for fears and phobias, and their anxiety can drop from ten to two or three in just one session. Some people take longer, but most will find that their fear, stress, and anxiety about that issue change or go down.

When people have a phobia, their response is entirely unconscious. You don't choose to feel fear or panic; it just happens. Hypnotherapy for phobias is a great way to deal with these kinds of problems because connecting with the unconscious part of the mind is easy. This lets us show the mind a new and better way to help you. We can make long-lasting changes in our lives when we want our minds to help us as much as they can.

What Causes These Phobias?

Even though the phobia might be particular, the cause of it is often not. Phobias can start in childhood, come up out of nowhere in adulthood, or be caused by a traumatic event involving the object of fear. In that case, it would be more accurate to call it "fear" than "phobia" because there is a reason for the fear. Researchers have found links between phobias, genes, brain chemistry, and gender. Women are more likely to have phobias than men.

Hypnotherapy for phobias can be done in just one session, but some people may need more than one.

If you have irrational fears or a phobia, you might want to try hypnosis to enjoy life more.

Hypnotherapy For Phobias Online Service

If you have a phobia, please give us a call so we can help you get rid of it and make your life so much better.

Having a phobia can have a significant effect on your life, career, and relationships. Fears can also affect anyone, no matter what age or gender they are. Getting help for phobias through hypnotherapy can help you feel more confident and less anxious in your everyday life.

At For Better Health, we offer several cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques specifically designed to treat phobias that will be used throughout our time together. Because of prior adjustments to your 

We can help you get over your fears and phobias through online hypnotherapy sessions. Whatever it is bothering you, we’ll make sure to help you overcome it so that you can enjoy life more and stay carefree.

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