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Many of us try to quit smoking but we are unable to do so. There is often an overwhelming guilt knowing that you are doing harm to your health and to people around you. Sometimes you are disappointed with yourself that you are unable to give up on something that’s damaging to your health and leaving you vulnerable to fatal diseases. At For Better Health, we understand that the toll of smoking on you and your loved ones is great. Sometimes, the urge for one last smoke is what makes the difference. Whatever your reason may be, we are here to help you with hypnotherapy to quit smoking. It is a painless and comfortable procedure that will help you in eliminating the need to smoke.

You may have tried many times before, but each time ended in failure. You've probably already tried quitting on your own and used nicotine replacement methods like gum, patches, and willpower, with disappointing results. You are not alone in this regard. Many people have walked in your shoes and almost gave up hope to quit smoking and turn their life around.

When everything has failed, you should try hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Let’s take a step towards better and healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy has helped many individuals in different aspects of their lives. So why can’t it help you? 

Smoking is not an Addiction.

Most of the smokers start it as a curious teenager trying to fit into the society and look cool. However, this act of curiosity soon becomes a habit. Like breathing, they are unable to let it go. It stays with you for the years to come and before you know it, smoking becomes a part of your life. Most of our clients told us that they feel uneasy and agitated when they try to quit smoking. But what if we tell you that smoking is not an addiction? Even though nicotine, the primary element of a cigarette, is not addictive, people think it is addictive and make an excuse out of it to quit smoking. Smoking cessation is not hard at all. You just need the right mindset and appropriate guidance to make that happen. We can help you develop that right mindset. For Better Health helps you with hypnotherapy to quit smoking in simple and easy therapy sessions.

Why can’t you quit Smoking?

Our mind works in a strange way. Although we know that smoking is bad for us, we still think that our body needs it. We think that our mind needs nicotine to release stress. It’s simply because the nicotine in the cigarette is absorbed by the neurons and give you a feeling of satisfaction. You think that cigarette is helping you release your stress and anxiety, but in reality, it is damaging your neuro cells and altering them from inside out.

smoking is dangerous for health

All you've done is ease the symptoms of withdrawal from your last cigarette. Your simple, old brain, on the other hand, thinks that smoking helped you feel better. It really thinks that smoking is good, so it does everything it can to get you to keep doing it. But none of the 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke can help you calm down. But there are many things that can cause anxiety. So if you keep smoking, you're actually making your anxiety and stress worse instead of better.

How Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking can help?

Where all other things have failed, you can use hypnotherapy to quit smoking. During hypnosis, your brain calms down and blocks your urge to smoke. You'll be more receptive to constructive feedback this way. The logical and rational elements of your brain might be convinced that smoking is a life-threatening habit and that you must quit smoking right now. Your brain is stronger than you think. We just guide you the way, you are the one who’s going to make the decision. At For Better Health, with clinical and cognitive hypnotherapy, your mind will be able to open up and take steps to quit smoking. We will address the root cause of the urge to smoke and eliminate it from your unconscious mind. Many people have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking and have been successful in that. Our approach is gentle and delicate. We don’t force you to quit smoking. We will discuss about how your brain has been working against your interest and make you see the brighter side so that you are motivated to work on yourself and slowly but gradually you will be able to give up smoking.

Quit Smoking

How long Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking will it take?

Just one session of hypnotherapy is enough for you to experience the changed within your mind and body. You will start to feel positive and become a better person. Many people think that like psychiatrist, hypnotherapist will also involve you into long and costly sessions that will go on for weeks before they start making a difference. However, hypnotherapy focuses on the root cause and helps you address the problem yourself. You are going to deal with your own problems, we are just going to help you along the way.

Please do reach out to us and try hypnotherapy to quit smoking and we’ll make sure that your life is changed for the better. Remember, the first step towards a healthy change is within, if you are willing to do it, there is certainly no turning back. Once you discover the power within you, you will recognize your true potential, and from that moment onwards, you will see how worthy this decision was.

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