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A failure to lose weight may have serious consequences for one's physical and mental health. At For Better Health, our patients often visit us feeling down about themselves, lacking in confidence, and having poor self-esteem. We employ online hypnotherapy for weight loss to help you reach your goal weight. Perhaps even more importantly, we can help you develop a stronger sense of self-worth and live each day with a fresh perspective.

You're probably here because you've tried dieting several times without success and are seeking for a new approach. You may have felt dieting was your only option, but you're hesitant to do it again. You don't want to experience the whole gamut of unpleasant feelings that comes with trying again and failing. If you can't find a different solution, your health is definitely a major concern. You can count on our weight loss hypnotherapy and unwavering encouragement as you make the lifestyle adjustments that will set you up for long-term success in your quest to reduce your weight.

Why can’t we lose weight?

When we're feeling down, it may be almost hard to refrain from eating food that make us feel better. In particular, this holds true because our bodies really produce hormones that make us feel good after eating meals heavy in fat and sugar, which then makes us want to consume even more of them. Denying yourself something you know makes you happy when you're not feeling particularly upbeat requires tremendous self-control, especially if you're already struggling to find the positive in your daily life. Other means exist for you to generate your feel-good hormones. I can help you develop a more optimistic outlook on life, change the way you think, and ultimately improve your mood and self-esteem.

Maybe there was a period in your life when you felt at peace with your body and eating habits. By using online hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions, we can assist you in creating the internal environment essential to your weight loss and personal development goals.

Even if you cut your food consumption significantly, losing weight will be difficult if you are under a lot of stress and worry. You make more of the stress hormone cortisol than usual when you're anxious. The stress hormone cortisol promotes fat accumulation, particularly in the abdominal region. The issue becomes self-perpetuating since this fat continues to create cortisol, which in turn promotes even more fat accumulation. Getting your body back into a state of equilibrium is essential for weight loss. Hypnosis may help you achieve the hormonal balance necessary for effective weight loss by lowering your levels of harmful stress hormones.

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Online Hypnotherapy for weight control

Weight loss hypnotherapy is one of our primary areas of expertise. In order to create a personalized plan for you, we consider your mental and physical well-being as well as your food habits, any distracting activities you may engage in, and your current level of physical activity. Since you are an individual, we've designed a program just for you to help you shed pounds in a healthy way. Rather than encouraging you to focus on the positive things you can accomplish after you've reached your ideal weight, as most people would, our therapists at For Better Health focus on helping you release the limiting thoughts and emotions that have been holding you back. In this case, modifying your diet should be a breeze.

Each person responds differently to weight loss hypnotherapy, thus the duration of your online sessions and the total number of sessions required will vary. In certain cases, as little as one to three online hypnotherapy sessions may be all that is needed to get the desired effects

What Makes Our Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Special?

We get to the bottom of things and fix what's causing the problem. Many factors contribute to individuals eating when they aren't hungry. Eating might be a routine for you or something that gives you a lot of joy. Or it serves as a subconscious distraction, something you do when you need to avoid thinking about uncomfortable feelings. Through online hypnotherapy for weight loss, we can help you overcome these obstacles and adopt better routines without any effort on your part.

You will have the tools from our weight loss hypnotherapy to make the adjustments that will lead to a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life. Sessions with us often result in clients feeling more confident since they allow them to develop fresh outlooks on life and reclaim the adaptability that they had lost due to emotional difficulties. By addressing the psychological factors that contribute to poor eating patterns, diet hypnotherapy makes it possible to forego restrictive eating plans in favor of more sustainable lifestyle changes. Our weight loss hypnotherapy is comprehensive since it addresses both the source and the symptoms

Benefits for hypnotherapy for weight loss:

As with any therapeutic treatment there are pros and cons to consider before making a decision. However, in case of hypnotherapy, the pros outweigh the cons. the benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss are much more significant as it does not use medication or make you feel uncomfortable to work for the weight loss.

  • Safety: The individual undergoing weight loss hypnotherapy is fully conscious during the whole process, therefore they cannot be coerced into doing anything against their choice.
  • Side effects: When it comes to weight loss, hypnotherapy is completely organic. It doesn't include any dangerous drugs or risky operations. As a result, you won't have to worry about any of the negative effects that are often associated with OTC and prescription diet pills.
  • Cost: When compared to alternative methods, such as subscription diet programs and surgery, online hypnotherapy for weight loss is more cost-effective. The cost of a single session with a qualified hypnotist might vary, depending on the therapist's location. The expense of elective medical treatments, such as gastric band surgery, might be beyond of reach for many people, and monthly diet regimens can be costly.

Length of treatment: Hypnotherapy is an efficient treatment since it focuses on finding and implementing practical solutions. Most weight reduction regimens are completed in 4-6 sessions, however many patients see improvement after only one or two.

Does hypnosis help people lose weight right away?

Don't go into hypnosis expecting to magically start losing weight the moment you sit down on the couch. Online hypnotherapy for weight loss is a useful technique for overcoming the kinds of negative thought patterns that stand in the way of people establishing more healthful habits. Alterations to one's way of life are what ultimately cause excess weight to melt away.

Most individuals who seek out hypnotherapy are already well on their way to making positive changes in their lives, whether it be a shift in their diet or a commitment to regular exercise.

When trying to lose weight or overcome an eating problem, it might seem like you're locked in a never-ending loop of bingeing, feeling guilty about it, and then giving up altogether. Within the framework of a session, we often investigate the client's life for the emotions or events that could be fueling this pattern. Hypnotherapy may help people change their negative thought patterns into more positive ones, making it easier for them to stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

But if someone is entirely depending on online hypnotherapy for weight loss, that might be a little more difficult. To see lasting results, our therapists at For Better Health recommends multiple sessions.

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